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What You Must Do About Your Plumbing Before You Leave for Your Vacation
It’s not a surprise to find a home left for weeks if not a month just because it’s during the holiday and the homeowners want to go for adventure before they resume to their daily business. Before you leave home for your vacations it’s important that you confirm that several things are in place so that you can avoid messes that may happen when there is no one to attend to your house. The security measures is one of the things that many people think about because they cannot imagine someone breaking into their house in their absence. They forget that the water problem can cause a great disaster to their homes than the thieves. In this site we will be highlighting for you the tips that you need to consider when you are performing a plumbing checklist.

The first maintenance practice before you should consider is the main water valve. When you don’t need water in the house when you will be away there is no need of leaving the main water valve on but instead you should switch it off. This will prevent any minor leakage to cause damage in the house for the days you will not be around. However, sometimes it might be hard to find where the main switch is and in case of that situation you should call your professional plumber to guide you on where to find it. When it happens that you cannot close the main valve because of the water needed in the house then you have to make sure all the taps are closed.

Then check on the water flow in the pipes. In case you will be away from your home for a long time you should need to have someone in place who will be pumping water through the pipes and also flushing the toilet at least once per month. This is because if the pipes remain dry for a long time they will start cracking and the sewer gases will rise up in your pipes.

Then you have to make sure you have a function pool pump. Algae will normally accumulate in your pool in case the water is stagnant for a long time. To achieve that you should not switch off the pool water supply. You don’t have to open the water inlet to the maximum now that you should need water flow to the pool. Don’t leave your pool pump with no one to monitor its working for the time you will not be around. Now that you have switched off the main valve you need to ask your plumber to suggest how the house sitter will survive.

Inspect the whole house appliances and those located outside so that you will make sure there are no leaks that will be left wasting water. Finally you need to flush your drainage, perform hose inspection and test the sump pump.