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Job Hopping And The Effect That It Has On Your Career

Majority of employees are not really following the typical career path like it used to happen years back. This has been demonstrated by the tendency to keep changing their jobs from time and time. The habit of job hopping is mostly seen among the millennials and it comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. This article seeks to list the advantages and the disadvantages of jobs switching to ensure that you are in possession of the insight that will aid you in reaching the decision that will progress your career.

If your intention in switching jobs is to gain enhanced skills and experience, that could be a step in the right direction. In this case, the job hopping will have a positive impact on your career since you will get the opportunity to climb the professional ladder as well as locating a better environment to work in.

Job hopping can be useful to your career as it means that you will get pay that is elevated as well access opportunities of promotions. This is the case mostly if you found it hard to access the benefits in your present career. On the other hand, it is much easier to negotiate for your career terms with a prospective employer that with the current one.

You not only risk having a tainted reputation but less security for career if you take to job hopping. The level of resources that go into the training of their workers is the reason why employers are not particularly enthusiastic with the continuous candidates. As well the prospective employer might have reservations in respect to your personality and judgement. By chance you get employed, you will be among the first people to be released from the company in a restructuring exercise as you have not developed much when it comes to seniority.

Another disadvantage of the job hopping is that you will not have the certainty that you are going to derive higher contentment with your new employer compared with your present one. Additionally you risk losing all the benefits that you had accumulated in your current position. The downside of this scenario is that building up your retirement fund again will be a herculean task.

When you are often job hopping your career will be adversely affected since the employer will perceive as someone who does not have devotion or one that cannot be depended upon. On the other switching jobs can be equated to burning bridges since you do not stay on a job long enough to develop or maintain contacts.