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Safety Tips When Using Abrasive Wheel

There are so many hazards at work which greatly affect the performance and productivity of the employees. In many industries, workers operating various machinery and equipment like abrasive wheels are more exposed to different injuries than those working in other areas.

In case you operate abrasive wheels and other hazardous equipment in the workplace, it is important to make sure that you understand some of the key tips that can help you avoid any injury while on the job. It is crucial for every person working with abrasive wheels to first learn about the common injuries that he or she is exposed to while on job. Eyes can get injured due to flying particles while hands and fingers get injured when the worker is not using the wheel in the right manner. For people working with abrasive wheels and other dangerous machinery, the following are some very vital tips that can increase their safety at work.

It is important to make sure that you first check the speed of the wheel before you can start to use it so as to see what the maximum RPM is. When the grinder rotates faster than the speed, it can be a bit difficult to control the wheel and thus increasing your chances of getting injured and thus the need to ensure that the grinder is always rotating slowly than the maximum speed.

It is always recommended not to use a wheel that does not have a wheel guard and thus important to check both of them first. A wheel that does not have a wheel guard can highly injure your eyes as it releases many flying particles. Always make sure that you work with wheels that do not have cracks on them as this can prevent efficient operations or even increase your risks of getting injured. It is also important to assess the general assembly of the wheel to ensure that it is done in the right manner.

Most of the flying particles are caused by poor wheel dimensions and thus necessary to use the right dimensions. Before you use the abrasive wheel, make sure that you test it first. Make sure that you start the portable wheels in a safe area for example under a bench or in a casting, do not force it by applying excessive pressure and also avoid grinding objects towards the direction of other workers. Ensure that the wheel is maintained on regular basis through inspections and addressing any issue with the wheel and also use protective gears when using it.