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School and family or the society for that matter, are important in life to everyone. The child needs school for them to learn skills that will enable them to become a professional into something. You could be a doctor, engineer, pilot, lawyer, inventor, etc. The career of the child will be determined by their competent plus choice. Apart from school, the child also needs guidance and family education from their parents. Thus, you can understand that you need skills and family education in your life. There are so many examples of parents and schools which have failed to detect the children’s inborn ability. When this happens, the child will be disoriented. Each child has a unique talent and ability. It is important that the potential of the child gets detected and supported. The problem is that schools and some parents are not able to detect the child’s ability and so disorient them. Perhaps you are studying in the old education system. There is a great difference between, the needs of the past societies and those of the modern societies. To say that education systems need improvement, is absolutely correct. The reason is that these current times have their particular opportunities and challenges. And children have the ability to cope with them. Unfortunately, not all children are lucky to utilize their God-given potential which is the ultimate and certain way to prosperity and success in their lives. Of course, this is not a good thing.

Parents should be the closest friends of their children and read their inborn ability. The best way to live life, is to take pleasure in what one does. The best thing that the parent can do for their children, is to offer them their support. Your child could achieve it by following the same career that you followed, or by following a completely different career. For you to know what will matter for the future of your child, you need to listen to and challenge them, but not to force or oppose them. You need to know the sort of careers that your child likes most. Now that you have heard their preferences about careers, you can buy materials used in those areas of work to build their anticipation. Some could tell you that that they want to be sportspeople, scientists, entrepreneurs, movie actors, etc. If you look, you will find that most popular and influential people are so, not because they have highest degrees, but because they followed what they are passionate about.

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