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Manifestations of Thyroid Desease

Thyroid gland has a unique butterfly like shape. The thyroid gland is usually responsible for the metabolism in the body. Women are reportedly to be affected by thyroid disease than men. The health of an individual s at risk if the body is unable to conduct basic functions like digestion and reproduction. which is highly confused with hyperthyroidism which is the over activity of the thyroid. Lumps on the thyroid gland is referred to as thyroid nodules. Thyroid problems may show different ways.

Mood swings is a common symptom of thyroid disease. Thyroid interferes with the functioning of the thyroid gland in the way hormones are produced. When experiencing problems with your thyroid an individual experience temperature changes for no reason. In other cases an individual may experiences cold temperature when having thyroid disease. Low metabolism in an individual lead to sluggish movement and low productivity at home and in the work place. Feeling cold is common with hypothyroidism which is caused by slowed metabolism.

Secondly, your skin appears dry. Hormones produce by the thyroid gland help in maintain the condition of the hair low levels leave to hair breakage. The thyroid hormone affects hair growth low contents of the hormone slows eh growth process. It is normal to have hair loss however one should get concerned when their hair falls of in clumps. Diarrhoea from thyroid problems should be carefully examined to avoid misdiagnosis from other conditions which may lead to diarrhoea. Thyroid problems causing sweaty hands and feet may lead to smelling feet which may be very disturbing.

A female suffering from thyroid disease may experience irregular periods. The female reproductive hormone are sensitive and their level change from time to time. Hormonal level in females my change from different situation one of them being thyroid disease. Changes in the hormonal level leads to changes in ovulation. Many females dreamed having kids and building a family when having thyroid diseases thus dreams may be shifted. In other cases an individual may have their periods heavier than usual.

One may experience weight gain which they may find hard loosing. There are many reasons why one can lose weight hypothyroidism checklist is one. When less energy is needed in the body one is unable to feed properly. Loss of appetite may lead to other deficiency like anaemia where one may suffer from low red blood cells count. Weight gain from thyroid disease may be predisposing factor to other weight related conditions.