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Key Points to Consider So As to Land Your First Teaching Job.
Getting that first teaching job when it comes to jobs in education has never been easy for anyone, more so when fresh out of college. You will find out soon enough that world does not think that highly of the qualifications that you just earned just yet even though you are yearning to start molding the little minds right away. So this calls for some due diligence for any newly graduated teacher so as to land that first teaching job. Here are some incredible tips for landing your first teaching job.
The first thing that you have to do is to set up a fantastic portfolio. This is a reflection of who you are and the skills that you are bringing to any jobs in education that you are vying for. Make the portfolio stand out by pouting in all the necessary materials like praxis results, transcripts, certifications, recommendations, unique lesson plans, teaching philosophy statement, and so on and so forth. It is wise to tailor your portfolio for the job that you are applying for every time that you are applying for the job. Potential employers know when they are dealing with a generic portfolio and one that has been made for them and this will push you ahead of the pack in the job search as it shows you seriousness.
It is important to keep your skills fresh as well when looking for jobs in education. Ensure that you are constantly improving your skills as you wait for that phone call, as this makes a lot of difference. You can keep your skills sharp by teaching a summer class, tutoring kids in your block, volunteering as and ESL or GED teacher, and becoming a substitute teacher in any of the schools in your neighborhood. Future employers will get to see the commitment that you have when it comes to teaching this way. You can always look up jobs in education constantly to see what could be available that suits your skills and passions.
It is also very important to be aggressive in your job search. One of the ways to fail in your job search even before you have started is to apply for the job at jobs in education and then continue waiting for that phone call. Network with friends and acquaintances and ensure you use the social media to your advantage during your job search. If you can find a person that you know who can vouch for you and put in a good word to the school that you are applying to, even better. Make a point of following u with the school as well as this shows how serious you are about the post.
You should also ensure that you have looked at the other regions that may be having a shortage of teachers as well when applying for any jobs in education.