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The Most Prevalent Characteristics of an Introvert

When looking at introversion, you find that it is a mystery that most people do not understand; they assume that it’s all about social anxiety. In this article, you will be getting to know and understand some of the most common traits that an introvert can identify with; this information works in making sure that you know who you are and how to work on that.

In most scenarios, you will find that the introverted persons will delight in enjoying their time and moments alone as compared to being in the crowd. Nevertheless, you will need to understand that it does not mean that they do not go out and have fun; if they meet people they like, the better but that is never the intention.

Another thing that you learn about introverts is that they have small circle of friends whereby most of them only have one or two friends that they are close to. As such, you find that they alternate between solitude and being around these two or three people that they are most comfortable with and adore.

As an introvert, you find that they also notice even the tiniest details that other people don’t majorly because their sensitivity to stimuli is a little high. At this time, when they find someone that goes deep in conversations, they delight in them and will not engage in small talk; meaningful talks could keep them engaged for hours and hours.

When looking at the introversion aspect, you find that it all becomes easier for them to function with texting and expressing their thoughts in written form as compared to calling or talking to a crowd; they make good writers and their creativity is always on point. It is also important to know that an introvert will feel lonely while in a crowd; they just want a moment with one person.

Whenever they are in public, you will notice that the introvert will spotlight as much as they can; it only pushes them to say something if they are indeed sure that it makes a huge difference. There is always that great feeling when you cannot shut your inner monologue and it keeps talking to you; the thoughts just do not go away that easily.

Finally, you will find that most introverts think best when they are alone as being in the crowd could overwhelm them and alter thought process. It is only when you have had all these characteristics determined that you can have an easy time getting to know if you are an introvert and how you should handle that.

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