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Factors to Consider in Choosing Between UCaaS or VoIP

Communication is among the concerns of any business where questions are asked if they have the best system that can offer their needs in both inside and outside of the organization.

Our modern technology provided different kinds of communication model, and it is up to the business concern to choose which one would fit and can provide the best for their kind of organization setup. Nowadays, businesses have two options of which their decision would be based on their preferences, and these are the UCaaS or Unified-Communications-as-a-Service and the VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol.

Considering that both systems have their own specifications, it is advisable that you know some backgrounds about each differences to make an informed decision.

Depending on your company’s preferences, you may have to choose whether you need both the voice and video for your communication, or no video at all and just the voice. Considering that trust is mandatory in a business, studies showed that using videos and voice would make people communicating trust more with the other person. This signifies more credibility when communicating using both video and voice versus that by voice without video only. If the business you are in has little room for misunderstandings and that proper communication is imperative, then your communication needs both voice and video.

Another criteria when choosing the channel for your communication is how flexible your business needs to be in communicating. Organizations of today strive to ensure that diversity in their employees is captured because of the belief that this will ensure coexistence, harmony and inclusivity among them. It is good to acknowledge of the various preferences of people, because others may prefer communicating through chats, while others would do emails, and video calls is another preference of some.

Note however that it cannot be judged that one channel of communication is better than the other, but will only signify that people have various modes of communication that makes them comfortable in using.

Know that there are different extents of flexibility between these two channels, where the VoIP can easily add or subtract the number of phone lines, while UCaaS can offer the needed services for as long as it coincides with the vendors of the business. It is worthwhile to make a selection of the channel that would improve the business operations.

Office practices is another factor to consider when choosing the channel of communication in a business. Among these processes involving communications in a business would be internal or external, and it is good to know that you can possibly have both functions as one or make these processes independent from each other.

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