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Secrets for Travelling with Your Dog Revealed

Various studies indicate that approximately 37% of dog owners have missed a vacation because they did not want to leave their canine friends alone. However, you do not have to miss fun anymore since you can travel with your dog. It never fails you are surprised by this suggestion, but go on reading these tips to discover the secret.

Begin by making your pet dog for the travel. You will need a microchip that you will attach on the dog’s collar to enable vets to identify the owner of the animal in case it gets lost. Remember to include your name and contact information on the dog’s collar so people and contact you if the dog is lost. Besides, make a habit of carrying the dog in your car for short miles so that it can get used to being car rides.

Second, prepare a travel kit for your four-legged friend. In your travel kit, pack all the crucial items such as plastic bags, a bowl, seat belt, leash, food and treats, and grooming equipment. If you pack all the accessories carefully, you will not need to stop at the closest pet store for more supplies.

Third, remember to take your dog with you whenever you make a stop. In case you let the dog stay in the car during a sunny day, it might suffer from heatstroke during to excess heat. Conversely, your dog can suffocate from cold if you lock it in the car during a chilly day.

Fourth, consider buying a dog crate to shelter the animal during the plane journey. There are some airlines that will let you keep the dog under your plane seat. However, you will need documentation to prove that the pet is up to date with the vaccinations. There are dog owners who tranquilize the pet during travel so that they do not get stressed. Nevertheless, you should avoid tranquilizing your dog because you might restrict its ability to breath. When convenient, consider booking a direct flight so that you will not need to change the flights and stress your dog further.

Fifth, buy a dog crate to house your animal during the travel. Consider labeling the crate with a banner saying “live animal” so the handlers of the crate can be more careful with the dog lest it sustains an injury. In addition, it is advisable that you leave the crate unlocked since someone else may need to save your dog in the case of an emergency.

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