The Beginner’s Guide to

Ultimate Guides for Using Computer for the First Time

Nowadays, most of the things are done using a computer. Chances are high that you can find a computer even in groceries, restaurants and coffee shops. It is also possible to get computers in cars and homes. Currently, they are available in small sizes, thus, a person can carry it in his or her pocket. Regardless of the way the young generation might make the usage of a PC to look, in real sense it is magic. Learning how to use a computer is not challenging, because, provided you have time and confidence, you can learn how to use it with confidence. In the case you want to use a computer for the first time, read on to learn some of the basics to get started.

As a newbie is the usage of a computer, it is necessary to learn how to use the controls. If you are using a desktop, you realize that the mouse and the keyboard are separate from the computer. Hence, to be in a better position to use it, you require to consider plugging it into your computer. A laptop is different from a computer desktop because its keyboard is connected to the computer, while you will have a trackpad and not a mouse. For the sake of turning on the computer, you are advised to ensure that the tower and the monitor are plugged into the wall.

Knowing how you can look for your files is also a vital step to know when using a computer as a beginner. After you have known your way around your desktop, you can now find some files on the computer. To do this you are required to hold down the windows key if you are on a PC and then press the E button which will take you to the windows explorer.

On the other hand, you need to either use a mouse or a touchpad to get to the left bottom corner of your screen if you are using a Mac. Then you need to click on the icon that resembles a blue and white smiling face which takes you to the finder. The main control systems on your computer are both the windows explorer as well as finder. You will find downloads, documents a well as downloads on the finder and windows explorer.

The other thing that would be essential for you to learn more about a computer as a first timer is opening programs. Most of your time will be spent on opening different programs when using the computer. There programs may include games, internet browsers, processors and many others. For a PC, you can open your desired program by use of the menu button on the bottom of your screen. Once you have clicked on the icon at the bottom of your PC you will have a list of available programs where you need to click on the one you want to open it. When it comes to Mac, you are required to navigate to the button that looks like a rocket ship in a grey circle at the bottom of your screen. Upon clicking on it, you are prompted to a Launchpad which serves as the list of all the programs available.