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What You Need to Know About Dry Herb Vaping.
The legalization of marijuana has seen dry vaping become a very popular leisure activity. Unlike marijuana joints, you can’t turn off the vaporizer and then switch it on again as this would see you waste marijuana buds. Here is what you need to know about the dry vaping procedure if you are new to it.
Once you’ve obtained a vaporizer, the most essential thing you ought to do is prepare it for the vaping process. The new vaporizer has a manual which you can read through on how to operate it. Subject the burning chamber to a burning test just to ensure that it doesn’t have plastic material inside it. Heating the chamber to its maximum temperature without the presence of burning plastic smells, it is an indication that it is ready for use and it won’t contaminate the flavors.
Preparing your herb into vaporizer-friendly consistency is the next step you should take when preparing your vaping session. For a consistent vapor, ensure that you subject the vaping herb to grinding so as to make it a burn with consistency and produce a uniform vapor. A grinder is an essential gadget for the preparation process with a manual grinder being better for beginners as with it you can’t over grind the marijuana.
In order to load the herb into the vaporizer correctly, it is recommended that you follow the instructions provided on the vaporizer’s manual. As you load the vaporizer, you will have to disassemble it as the chamber is located directly below the mouthpiece. Sprinkling the ground herb via the opening of the chamber is the best way to load the chamber. The burning of the ground herbs will be uniform and air will freely circulate if you load the burning chamber correctly.
Once the heating chamber is correctly loaded and the mouthpiece put back in position, the next thing you ought to do is pre-heat it. The best way of pre-heating the chamber is switching it in and set it to the lowest heating temperature. This warms the herb before you can start vaping and it also allows the vaporizer to start running.
Temperature control of the vaporizer is crucial in determining the experience you will have during the vaping process. Flavor and vapor density are factors of temperature with a high temperature offering a thick vapor of low flavor while low temperatures offering a highly flavored but thin vapor. Get your most preferred blend by adjusting the temperature accordingly. To enjoy this feature, consider purchasing a vaporizer which has a temperature adjustment knob and you can read more here.
To conclude, as you inhale the dry vapor go easy in it and take shallow breaths. This allows for the enjoyment of the herb’s aroma and flavoring. It is a precautionary move as it prevents you from swallowing the fine herb in the burning chamber. Vapor is also left to accumulate before being inhaled.