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Signs You May Have Sleep Apnea

According to research, it has been proven that there are so many people that have sleep apnea of which some of the people are not aware. If your breathing always stops at night and then continues then that is what we refer to as sleep apnea. When you are aware of the different symptoms of sleep apnea you will be able to know if you have sleep apnea or not. Here are the symptoms for sleep apnea.

An indication for having sleep apnea is extreme daytime fatigue. One will always wake up with a headache simply because they stopped breathing at night meaning, their brain was getting less oxygen. Your blood vessels will always widen when your brain is not getting enough sleep and that is why you will find you are having headaches. You will find since your sleep was interrupted at night meaning you didn’t get enough rest this will make you feel sleepiness during the day time.

Excessive snoring and high blood pressure are also some of the signs you may have sleep apnea. It is true that snoring will always be caused by blocking of which the blocking will always restrict air and as a result, this causes more vibration. When you snore when sleeping there is a high chance that you will not realize it of which if your snoring is excess there is a high chance that you have sleep apnea. When you research you will find that sleep apnea can also cause high blood pressure since your blood vessels will be restricted.

The other indication for having sleep apnea is pausing in breathing. If you notice that you are having moods swing you have to know that one of the things that can cause mood swing is sleep apnea. Mood swings will always have different effects and one of the effects is that you will not be able to concentrate when doing different things. When you notice that you are having some pauses in your breathing then you have to make sure you do the necessary.

In addition, the other sign that you may have sleep apnea is dry mouth when you wake up. Sleep apnea will always force you to use your mouth when breathing and that is why you will find that your mouth is dry when you wake up. A person that always have a sore throat when they wake up will always have sleep apnea. In summary, to be able to know the different signs of sleep apnea you will have to go through this article.