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newspapersUK Newspapers: national, local, daily, weekly, plus major magazines & portals. This hub will discover the theories and realities of oppression, their impacts and outcomes and the way these manifest themselves on the oppressed and underdeveloped African inhabitants in South Africa – i.e., from the Dark days of Apartheid to the current ANC-led dysfunctional governance.

“Aside from politely asking these tentacles of European exploitation to kindly make some adjustments in their names and register themselves as African companies, as Nigerian, Ghanaian, Zambian or South Africa firms, we insisted upon little else.”(Chinweizu) Additionally it is instructive to cull lessons from the Apartheid masters, once they have been creating an African petit bourgeoisie, one can glean as to their mind-set and set up, i.e., they had been grooming Africans to position-play in the positions that were held by their white masters, they usually just needed to continue enterprise as usual; their actions and results and impacts on the poor Africans shall be explored beneath which will enable us to get an actual historic sense as to how this entire disembowelment of a folks by the colonizers was achieved, and applied.newspapers

African South Africans are seen and viewed as lazy,stupid, inept and clueless as to what to do with their wealth, natural minerals, land, housing, enterprise and so forth, by other Africans, if not the vast majority of those within the country legally or illegally.

Furthermore, the Eurocentric social order which the European historiographic and behavioral science institutions reliable and support, is actually a “social machine” which manufactures a consciousness and behavioral orientation in African peoples designed to serve the purposes of White supremacy.newspapers

Their election manifesto spews out all sorts of doubtful statistics and arguments to show that the ANC authorities is succeeding in: Offering accessible and affordable fundamental wants and services to the poor; redistributing wealth and assets to the poor African majority; creating thousands and thousands of new job; dealing effectively with the scourge of crime and the socioeconomic conditions within which it flourishes; transforming the authorized system so that everybody is “equal before the law”; taking away corruption in the public and private sectors; deepening democracy by listening to, and working hand-in-hand with poor communities; and, serving to to bring peace, economic justice and political equality to the African continent and throughout the globe.

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