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Best Beverages for Different Nations
Almost everyone in the world today will talk more about food rather than drinks. It is important for people to taste different drinks that are popularly made in different nations across the world. Every time you travel to a new nation, it is important that you ask for their beverage and get to taste some of the drinks they love most.
As a visitor you will get connected to the people of a certain nation if you get to drink their cultural drink anytime you visit the country. Nations have different local produce that they use to make their favorite drink that is different from another nation just like they make their traditional food. Taking these beverages, gets you to taste their culture.
Those who have ever visited a certain nation and took their traditional beverage, you should have loved the drink forcing you to always take the drink whenever you visit the country. Take an example of ethiopian yirgacheffe coffee. It is made in Ethiopia using their coffee. Most people consume this beverage as the first thing when they land in Ethiopia.
There are some people who go ahead and try out these recipes from their homes. If the drink is good, you have the right to make sure before leaving the country you have a recipe. Any local can help you in coming up with the recipe. Everyone has an idea of how to prepare their traditional drink.
The following are some of the popular tradition drinks made in different nations across the world.
The traditional drink for Indians is known as mango lassi. No one would visit India and leave without taking mango lassi that is very sweet. It is similar to yoghurt beverage that is blended using some sugar, spices, fruits, water, and nut. Mango lassi is best taken when it is hot to cool down your body in a nice way.
Bubble tea is a traditional drink popularly made in Taiwan. You can easily tell bubble tea even when in miles away. This is a collection of some black balls that are of marble-size found at the bottom of a clear cup or glass. Chunky straw is used when one is taking the drink. It is possible for one to create healthy milkshake from bubble tea by using fresh fruits.
In Spain we have the traditional drink known as sangria. It would not be worth for one to travel to Spain and not take Sangria. Sangria is a wine that has been made using some fresh fruits. Each of the bars has a different concoction from the other. There are people who would love to have an extra spice by adding brandy.