Montreal’s Brivia Group Adds New Talent at the Top

Montreal focused real estate developer Kheng Ly has led some of the city’s most exciting projects of recent years. His Brivia Group has rapidly become known as one of Montreal’s most ambitious and capable development companies.

Naturally enough, living up to that reputation means needing to hire and retain top-quality talent. On Kheng Ly’s Facebook page, a recent post details some exciting developments in that area.

Three Leading Real Estate Executives Join the Brivia Group

Montreal is home to quite a few real estate development businesses of notable competitiveness. Standing out in that challenging environment requires being well rounded and organizationally sound in every possible respect.

Even an accomplished company like the Brivia Group therefore needs always to be looking for and acquiring new talent. By bringing on three highly regarded executives in recent months, the Brivia Group will become even better able to follow through on its ambitious projects. The areas where these business leaders will deploy their skills are:

  • Business development. Any development company that is content with standing still in Montreal will soon find itself losing ground. As a true leader in the field, the Brivia Group is deeply committed to growing to be able to tackle even more imposing tasks. Skill at business development takes many years to develop but will always be valuable to employers. With one recent addition to the Brivia Group leadership team boasting exactly this asset, the company’s future has become that much more secure.
  • Construction. The nuts and bolts of high-end real estate development often receive less attention from outsiders than they should. Completing an ambitious project like the Brivia Group’s YUL complex takes an almost unfathomable amount of attention to detail. Executives who have large amounts of experience with construction will always make valuable additions to such companies.
  • Project management. Every project of any kind today can benefit from the guidance and oversight of someone skilled at project management. Executives who lead entire rosters of project managers contribute in equally important ways.

Looking Toward an Even Brighter Future

Additions like these will help make Brivia Group even more competitive well into the future. Looking for and finding ways of improving further is always the best option for such an ambitious company.