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Leading Causes of Car Accidents in The United States Today
Statistics show that about six million car accidents occur in the US alone every year which translate to around 16000 accidents daily which are such a huge number that is hard to ignore. The sad truth is that anyone can be a victim of these accidents whereby their fault or others’ and everyone must thus be enlightened about the leading causes of the accidents and what they should do to minimize them at the end of the day. Since everyone is at risk of getting involved in the accidents, why not read here for more info about the top causes of car accidents in the US and what people should do on an individual basis to change the sad reality.

Any form of distraction while driving on the roads today ranging from talking on the phone and texting to responding to children in the back seat and even picking something on the floor of the car among many others can lead to the accident’s in the end. Any driver that engages in any of the above activities while driving should understand how dangerous it is since looking away for as little as two seconds is not the accurate way to drive. As said above, just a few seconds are enough to cause that crash, leave people hurt and others even dead in some cases. Just a few seconds are enough for so many things to happen to range from the car at the front slowing down and someone or an animal crossing the street among many others. In addition to thousands of injuries that people sustain from distracted drivers in America every year, the sadder situation is the thousands of deaths that also result from the same as well. Solving distraction on the road is very simple, and everyone must fully concentrate on the road every time they are driving without texting and talking on the phone at the time which cannot just save other people’s lives but also your own as well.

When it comes to speeding, everyone has been guilty of the same at least once in their driving life regardless of the reason they may havefor the same. It could be a loved one in the hospital or one’s wife in labor among many other reasons. There has never been a good reason for a driver to speed and it is never going to be there as well. While some people drive around when drunk and maybe just reckless, others end up causing accidents for running the stop signs and red lights as well as due to poor weather.