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Tips on Choosing the Best Shower Wall Panels for Your Bathroom.
Innovations in the construction industry has seen modern bathroom finishes being done by the use of wall panels. Their main role is to ensure that the bathroom wall remains waterproof but in turn thy enhance the appearance of the bathroom and this, in turn, enhances its comfort and style. As you choose the shower wall panels, here are some tips on choosing the best.
The material used to make the wall panels is an important factor you need to take into consideration. There is a variety of materials you can choose from with each having its own unique characteristics. The different wall panel materials available in the market include tiles, fiberglass, plastic laminate, acrylic, cultured marble, granite, tiles, fiberglass, plastic laminate, acrylic, cultured marble, and non-plasticized PVC.
These materials differ in terms of price, ease of cleaning and installation and also with regard to the final appearance you will achieve with them. As you choose the wall panels, factor in their size. In order for you to purchase panels which fit, it is recommended that you take measurements of your bathroom and have them during your purchase as panels are of different sizes. Some panels such as acrylic panels can be made to fit your bathroom’s perfect dimensions. It would be easier for the supplier to advice you on the best material if you would make a sketch of your bathroom.
During the selection process of the wall panels, ensure that you don’t steer away from the main function of the wall panels. Wet walls tend to favor the growth of mold and for this reason ensure that the material you choose will efficiently keep it dry. A waterproof surface is the most fundamental quality feature the panels ought to have.
If you are looking to have a wall panel renovation, it is recommended that you prepare a budget. It doesn’t matter what budget you prepare, wall panels are available for both large and small budgets. Fiberglass and non-plasticized PVC are the cheapest and easiest to install. Culture marble and acrylic wall panels are the most expensive and durable panels and they are also easy to clean and maintain. The greatest mistake you can make is by compromising on quality as this would see you purchase them again for a new installation and compare.
The kind of wall panel installation process you are looking to perform on your bathroom is the last factor you need to take into consideration. Fiberglass, laminated and PVC wall panels are the best for DIY projects as they are cheap and easy to work with. Finally, ensure that you engage a professional if you want acrylic or marble panels installed.