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The Meaning of God Names from Different Religions

The world is full of different religions close to four thousand and three hundred by count. This is inclusive of the denominations, churches, religious movements, faith groups, and cultures. there are, however, five major religions that are recognized and established in the world. They go by names like Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism. they all carry out their own beliefs differently. This also has an impact on how they call their god and the meaning on it. They use many different names to call God, and this has different names as well.

Christianity is among the largest group in faiths. Their belief is based on a one true God who is the creator of everything. Their God has reference to several names such as creator, savior, protector, messiah, and father among many others. They believe that their God desires to have a close relationship with a man from many different names. They also believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God and God in himself. There are denominations around this, and they also call God in their understanding. Jehovah is the other name that can never be forgotten amongst them. They also read and believe in the Bible as the word of God through which they receive life. There are several teachings, beliefs, and lessons that one draws from this book, and it has a lot of impact in their lives. There is also an assurance of life after the physical death, which is symbolic of the death and resurrection of Jesus.

The other religion is Judaism, which is known to be a Hebrew version of Christianity. It is a common religion among the Jews and Hebrews though their population is not that big many different names. they call their God Yahweh who is the lord. In some other instances they call him Hashem and Elohim among many.

The Muslims are the next, and they refer to God as Allah. They believe that Allah is very mighty and superior to any other being from many different names. They have other names totaling to ninety-nine that refer to the same God. finally, there is the Hindu who believe in a spiritual being call Shiva. This is illustrated with many arrows that point many directions to signify the manifestation of their god. they have several gods and goddesses that are seen in temples, rivers, idols, other animals among many. They believe that God allows them to believe Shiva in guiding them in their life. Other names include Vishnu, which means the preserver and Ganapati who is the mover of obstacles. You can never have enough of religion because of these differences and many different names that are evident from one community to another.