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How to Eliminate World Hunger

Some of the causes of world hunger are flood, wars, and poverty which can lead to the death of many people. Unless something is done to break poverty, it can be a repetitive cycle across different generations. Parents that are affected by poverty can give birth to undernourished children who may not be able to attend school because of poor health, and lack of fees leading to unhealthy young people who get married and start the process of poverty once again. Some of these people can get out of their situation with a little help coming from a compassionate person. Highlighted in this article are ways one can stop world hunger.

When children have been educated, they can be able to improve the situation of their families a future. In hunger-stricken areas most of the parents’ income is spent on buying food without which they can spend on long-term goals such as education. Since they do casual jobs their payment is low which is why they may not afford to take their children to school. When education is offered free of charge to the children of these parents they have a dream for a better future. Once these children have been taught they can be able to get good jobs that can help them stop poverty in their families as well as get a means of providing for them. In education children can also learn of ways to eliminate poverty in their community which once implemented can end world hunger.

Another way of helping end world hunger is buying giving food to children in school and supporting their parents on how they can solve hunger challenge in their communities. If food is not provided children can die before they’re able to access that education out of hunger. Some children find it easy going to school where they can get free food than having to work to earn it. When the school is free but doesn’t provide food most of the children will drop out to go and help their parents look for food so that they can be able to survive. Providing food in school can make parents push their children to school even when they don’t want to take them because it will lighten to them the burden of providing meals. These learned children can the authors of Change in their communities to eliminate poverty.

Providing health and nutritional services to both mother and children can be vital in eliminating world hunger. When children are born out of poor healthy mothers, they may inherit illnesses that make them sickly all the time which can contribute to world hunger. Sick parents may not be able to work to eliminate poverty whereas sick children cannot attend schools which is why they may not help to improve their living status. It can also make it impossible for them to get medical services or even proper nutrition due to ignorance and lack of the relevant resources which is why providing free health and nutritional services can be a way of eliminating poverty.

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