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Getting To Know More About What Ti Leaf Plant Is All About

You may not know about it yet, but at present, there is already more or less fifty-two thousand eight hundred eighty-five medicinal plants available. However, in this article, what we will be talking about is the legendary ti leaf plant. For sure, you already are familiar with the ti leaf plant but perhaps, you do not know its name, so you think you do not. If you have seen people dancing the hula dance, the leaves that are used on the hula ski comes from the ti leaf plant. If you want to know more about it, we suggest that you continue reading this article until the very end.

If you were given a chance to visit Hawaii in one of your travels, for sure, you have noticed the country’s unique landscape and flora as well. Among all the plants that you can see across Hawaii is the ti leaf plant, which is known for having a big place in the culture of the region. Based on the statements given by historians, the ti leaf plant is not native to the Hawaiian islands. As a matter of fact, these historians claimed that the Polynesians are the ones who brought the ti leaf plant to Hawaii when they settled there around four hundred to five hundred A.D. With regards to Polynesians, they are skilled mariners hence, they tend to leave their islands when they became overpopulated or when the conditions will not allow them to farm.

Due to the length of their journey, what Polynesians do is that they brought with them necessary supplies that will allow them to survive in the new island like dogs, plants that they can cultivate, tools, pigs as well as chickens. The thing that they use for their travel are dugout canoes that were created correctly. One of the plants that they brought with them when they settled in the islands of Hawaii is the ti leaf plant. The ti leaf plant was able to survive the long trip because of the special significance it holds.

Based on the folklore, the ti leaf plant is known for being a sacred plant for the Hawaiian God of Fertility, Lono as well as the Hawaiian Goddess of Hula, Laka. And since the ti leaf plant holds a great deal of significance to the Gods, priests are utilizing them during ceremonies as a way to ward off any evil spirits. You can actually say that this is the reason why ancient Hawaiians are utilizing them as utensils, medicine as well as food.