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What to Know About Teenagers and Drugs

It is highly likely that you are worried that your teenager could be using drugs. Studies have shown that teenage use of marijuana has increased by close to ten-fold. The use of illegal drugs is also rising. This can easily push you into panic and thence call for a teenage drug test. However, this is often not the best choice to consider. This is because it might compromise your relationship with your child. It is by reading on that you will be familiarized with why this is not the best option to consider as well as what you can go for.

There are various ways to cheat in drug tests. These teenagers are time and again quite familiarized with what happens in drug tests. It is for this reason that they can choose to do anything just to keep it hidden from you. Devices such as the whizzinator are often purposed to help in cheating in these tests. There is also a chance that the teenager can get urine from his friend in such a case. There is also a chance that this teenager will aim at not using the drugs at least one day before the drug test is carried out especially in case the test is designated for specific days. In the same vein, these results could easily end up not being right. Such tests tend to be relatively basic. As such, you can easily get results that highlight false negatives or even positives. Often, the tests do not consider the pH and the creatine in the urine. It is for this reason that you could end up with a very huge error margin in the long run.

Total abstinence is not usually proven through negative results. For example, a person that took drugs weeks before the test could easily test negative. The teenager will certainly find this timing to be more beneficial to him. Talking to them about the impact of using drugs will guarantee better results in such a case. Insisting on this drug test can easily destroy your relationship. It is not uncommon for teenagers to feel humiliated, hurt or even angry if they are pushed to a drug test. Most teenagers end up using drugs due to certain aspects. Understanding such issues will often be quite helpful in this pursuit. Make sure that this teenager does not feel humiliated during the process.

Paying attention to the root of the problem will be more valuable. Make sure that an open mind is always embraced. Take time to familiarize yourself with what is eating up the teenager. This will help in forming a credible solution.