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Useful Info For Achieving Next Level Weight-Loss Goal

The weight-loss journey is never an easy one. The four phases of weight-loss are inclusive of the glycogen depletion phase, the fat loss phase, the plateau phase, and the metabolism recovery phase respectively. Every phase of the weight-loss journey has its own challenges which may defer from the others. The Plateau phase is mostly where most individuals give up when they fail to see any changes in their weight. Giving up should never be the case because this phase is only one level away from victory. The following pointers will help you get through the plateau phase and move up to the next level weight-loss.

Beating the plateau phase and achieving the next level weight-loss requires that you lessen the number of calories which you take in. You should do some bit of alteration to your diet to reach the next level weight-loss. Lowering your caloric intake or undergoing metabolic testing are the two ways through which you can use to reduce calories.

You could also enhance your workout besides cutting down your caloric intake to shed more weight. The calories you can burn and the weight you can lose when you take on moderate-intensity workouts is not as much as when you do high-intensity interval training workouts. In addition, you should include some variation into your workout routine. The trick is to subject the weaker inefficient muscles to exercise so that they burn more calories which they consume compared to the strong efficient muscles.

You should also avoid the intake of carbs if you are to achieve the next level weight-loss. Carbs are your enemy because they can store calories as fat and make you keep instead of losing weight. Moreover, cutting on carbs intake helps to lower the hormones that cause you to be hungry.

It is also crucial that you learn to say no to other drinks which seem to be but are not water if you are to overcome the plateau phase and attain your next level weight-loss goal. All other drinks may seem to be as healthy as plain water or even more but truth is, they are not and taking them only deviate you from the ideal weight which you are looking to attain. You should always remember throughout your plateau phase that the devil is in unnecessary snacking which mostly comes as a temptation to counter the feeling of dehydration and therefore requires that you have natural water to quench your thirst and keep you feeling full.