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Features of Bad Contractors

There are some fraudster contractors as much as there is a large number of honest ones too. A homeowners worst nightmare will be investing in a contractor who will deliver poor services. To avoid being offered low-quality services, it is important one hires a skilled contractor. Knowing if you’ve hired an excellent or bad contractor may be challenging for one. This article talks more about the warning signs of bad contractors.

One sign of a bad contractor is that they will rush you in the hiring process. Bad contractors rush their clients into hiring them before clients get a perfect overview of their services. A bad contractor will reply to your questions in a precise manner without engaging further in many details. Bad contractors avoid explaining to their clients the type of services they deliver but instead, rush into the hiring process. Bad contractors entice their clients with sweet words as they are only interested in being paid. Your questions will be well answered and in full details by an excellent contractor.

The other sign of a bad contractor is that they will refuse to a sign a contract. Unreliable contractors will avoid engaging law activities such as signing contracts and acquiring permits. A bad contractor will be forced to provide quality services which they can’t if they sign a contract. General contractors will draft a contract which they discuss with their clients after analyzing the project at hand.

The other sign of a bad contractor is that they will lack a proper license and insurance permits for their services. You will have an easy time recognizing a bad contractor for they will not have a valid license and insurance that permits their services. When you are meeting your contractor, you should ensure you ask for their license and insurance permits that allow for their services.

The fourth sign of a bad contractor is that they will not have a portfolio for their past projects. It is important for the contractor you hire to display a portfolio showing the successful projects they have engaged in the past. If the contractor shows you pictures of the projects they have done, you should ask for the contacts of the clients they have served.

The fifth sign of a bad contractor is that they offer shallow quotes. You will get a shallow quotation if you choose a bad contractor for they will not include all items. A skilled contractor will be able to come up with an excellent quotation for they have quotation templates.

Another sign of a bad contractor is that they require their clients to make large sums of deposits. After agreeing on a fee price, a bad contractor will want you to deposit a large amount of money. The initial deposit fee should be 20 to 30%, and one should pay the rest after they have been satisfied with the completed project.

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