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Safety Tips Every Woman Should Read
To any woman who lives alone, this selection is going to expose safety tips he or she should consider towards a safer life. This section considers the fact that about one in every ten women live alone and hence the need to know of some of the safety tips she can use towards being safe. Living alone to a woman comes with empowerment bearing in mind that it allows her to manage her time as well as keep her schedule. However, living alone also calls for one to be careful about his or her safety as you will read in this selection. With that in mind, this selection exposes you to some of the top safety tips you would need to consider in ensuring safety in your home.
As a woman who lives alone, it would be wise to start by listing emergency numbers. The first thing you should do whenever you find yourself in any kind of emergency is to call for help. It would be unfortunate in a case where you tried to access emergency numbers with no much success. In this selection, you will note some of the numbers you would need to both save in your phone as well as print them. Among the numbers this selection recommend include your phone number, doctor and dentist number, poison control, emergency contacts of your family and friends. Local tow and car repair, the insurance company, your landlord, local hospital, pertinent work numbers, electricity, water or even gas. It is also recommended that you have the list strategically situated just in case there is an emergency.
While safety alarm apps are best when traveling or commuting alone, they are also a good choice for a woman living alone. It is also essential to consider repairing your keys and locks especially immediately after moving into a new home.
You may consider a stun gun, a wasp spray, pepper spray or a baseball bat. Even when the fire extinguisher ought to be used in times of fire, it also tends to be very effective in distracting an intruder.

Extra lighting is also a safety tip every woman should know. Having several rooms with lights on tend to make any intruder assume there is more than one person in the home in question. It may be critical to consider installing motion-activated spotlights in a case where you feel that having lights throughout the night is not necessary. You would also need to consider installing security cameras to monitor your home whether you are in or not. In a case where they do not have night vision mode, you may consider positioning them near the motion sensor lights.