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Tips On How To Treat Damaged Hair.

Times have changed and as a result of it, people have developed the need to take care of their body both health wise and visual together with their hair. Apart from health issues, many people are suffering from dry and damaged hair. Some people have resulted to using chemicals to treat their hair but this is not safe because it has a long term effect on your hair and can make your hair lose its shine. The hair getting entangled easily, feeling harsh and dry and also, having split ends and breaking easily are some of the indications that your hair is damaged and needs repair. In many cases, dry and damaged hair is as a result of hot climates that you expose yourself to and spending a lot of time under the sun.

The use of aggressive chemical products, styling tools such as blow dryers and straighteners are other causes that can lead to dry and damaged hair. Apart from the reasons given above, sometimes dry and damaged hair might be as a result of hereditary conditions or even, certain illnesses. There are ways that you can treat your hair and ensure that it retains its moisture, shine and also growth.

In case you do not have these items in your house, you can purchase them and the first item to use to treat your hair is eggs. The reason as to why eggs are recommended is because they consist of proteins that are necessary for your hair and have the ability to give your hair the shine that it needs. The procedure to achieve this is simply whisking the eggs in a bowl together then massaging it on the hair as you let it sit for twenty minutes, rinse the eggs of then wash the hair as normal. The second product to use is an avocado.

With the proteins that are present in avocado, they help to make your hair soft since the proteins help to hydrate the hair. A mixture of avocado and olive oil is applied on the hair to ensure that it gives your hair the proper hydration that it needs to become soft. Another product to use on your hair is honey, this is because it has no preservatives of any kind of chemicals altogether that can damage your hair. Warm water is mostly preferred to rinse off the honey once it has been applied on your hair. Both olive oil and coconut oils can be used on your hair because they contain vitamin E and help seal moisture on your hair respectively to help improve its condition.