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Weather and Mood change

Checking the weather for most people is just to ensure that they will be in a position to accomplish what they need to during that day. For people that work indoors in offices all day the weather is the least of their concern because for them it’s all about getting to the office and back home. If you were to ask several people whether the weather conditions affect their moods the answer would most probably be no. Science, however, happens to think that the weather affects our moods. Less exposure to sunlight has been said to make you sad regardless of the circumstances you are in. Without sunlight your body will produce melatonin, this hormone makes you sleepy and out of that you get sluggish to do anything normally. Exposure to sunlight puts motivation in you and I has been said that you will spend more when you are exposed to sunshine. With precipitation, it is likely that you will eat more, the levels of serotonin will go down but carbohydrates can spike them back up. The solution obtained here is only temporary and you will be back at the snacks time after time. Rain also brings with it pain, the low atmospheric pressure when it’s raining makes the blood go to the tissues and the pressure on the joints brings some mild pain and being stiff especially when you are seated in one position for long. When you are outside with good weather, your creativity and memory will improve. With that in mind you should find some time to be out for walks when you can. Being that exposure to the sun brings the best of moods in us, you will easily adopt a helpful and romantic mood at such times. Summer makes one of the fun-filled times where you can be out engaging in what you love.

Its best to spend time with the people you love. Extremely high temperatures have the effects of masking people aggressive. when it’s extremely cold people will be slow and probably not the best time to expect much. The motivation in such times is very low and people will be craving for hot drinks. With such kind of weather, it’s best not to engage in complex physical activities because most probably the results will not be what you expect. Checking the weather should also come with considering how that could influence your moods especially during the hurricane season.