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How Problem Drinking Differs From Alcoholism

There is an increased number of people engaging in drinking in society and which is becoming alarming with the fact that it is not one type of gender getting involved. As much as it is a common occurrence to come across people drinking, there are times when it becomes excessive and causes so much alarm. Normal drinking for fun and being an alcoholic are two different scenarios that you will want to understand. Understanding such difference is vital especially when you are seeking to cases of addiction or looking for preventive measures for such a habit. Problem drinking refers to consuming alcohol in a way that it can adversely affect your health or life but you are not addicted to it. You will be referred as an alcoholic when your body is totally dependent on it and not only is your body affected but you are addicted to it also. The worst case of drinking is when you become an addict as this only means your life gets into a turmoil and you will need more than just the will to stop drinking but undergoing rehabilitation programs.

Understand that you can either be an alcoholic or a problem drinker and this can only be determined effectively when you have a specialist such as a psychiatrist to help you make the determination. There are common warning signs to look out for to know when you are a problem drinker. Problem drinkers in most cases end up losing their jobs, have dysfunctional families and lose social respects as their bodies lose the willingness to have activities in the best way possible. You will be in a position to make a determination of the kind of condition you are having when it comes to your physical dependency. Understand that one situation leads to another in that in most cases one develops the drinking problem and ends up being an addict. The only thing that alcohol will do to your body is destroyed it and which is not all as at the end of it all you will realize your relationship and association id affected on the same note. Unlike the addicts with problem drinkers there is no withdrawal syndrome that is much worse when you lose social respect.

In most cases, problem drinkers do consume alcohol for the same reason that is related to the urge to be in an altered state of consciousness. This is because it improves their confidence in social gatherings, eases anxiety and shortly relives from stress and daily life’s problems. Problem drinking, however, can cost you relationships with friends and family. Problem drinkers in some cases can let go off their situation without seeking any help, alcoholics on the other side will require detoxification, therapy and many other treatments in the rehabilitation centers to achieve sobriety.