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Looking for a Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Restaurant hood cleaning is essential to keep a high efficiency for the exhaust system. There are expected to have two advantages of using a restaurant hood cleaning. The restaurant hood cleaning is used as a fire protection instrument or device by removing grease. The restaurant hood cleaning is also used to remove any smoke and heat that comes from the cooking area.

The kitchen exhaust system is premeditated to tug grease loaded smoke up into the hood. Then, the grease are being filtered through filtration method in the kitchen exhaust system and is thrown into the catch tray. A restaurant hood cleaning can have different hood designs. Three of the basic hood designs are the canopy, galley and downdraft. The efficiency of the kitchen exhaust system can be identified by looking at the distance of the hood to the cooking surface which means that the closer it is to the cooking surface the more efficient it is. The hood is where the grease laden with the smoke is being filtered first. Thus, the size of the hood is dependent on the cooking equipment to be used and the size of the equipment to be occupied.

For your information, there are two common type of hoods in restaurants. The first type of this hood is a Type 1 hood in which it is used in grease producing equipment. This type of hood should be welded and must be hanged by non-combustible hangers as specified by the law. On one hand, Type 2 hood is used only for appliances that produces steam, fumes and odor. Also, the good thing about this type of hood is that it does not require filters. But this type of hood is not good since it is not safe for any fire due to its construction. Furthermore, an addition of dampers being installed in the system, specifically in the throat of the hood, needs an access for a proper cleaning. It must be accessed for proper cleaning within 18 inches.

The other type of hood designs is the down draft hood. Nowadays, the down draft hoods are not commonly used in restaurants. However, there are still a few who use this kind of hood design. In this type of design, the hood cleaner should be careful since it collects heavy amount of grease due to gravity. The phenomenon starts when the air current takes down the smoke before it is thrown outside the building.

Canopy style is the third type of hood designs which is usually used in restaurants. This kind of hood design has a simple design and is more efficient compared to others. Also, canopy style is easily to be maintained compared to others. Therefore, the hood cleaner must be knowledgeable enough as he or she cleans.

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