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An Overview of Monsanto Lobbying Efforts and Strategies
While small businesses are struggling to remain in the market for just a few more months and even make a little more profit, Monsanto surprised the world by making more than $4 billion in 2015 alone which is an enormous amount. Monsanto got all the money after making huge sales of his company products which include unfortunately include some herbicides that have some components of glyphosate. There is a growing body of research which indicates that exposure to the pesticides increases people’s exposure to cancer by about 41 percent which explains why so many people today want to know more about Monsanto. If you are here with plans of knowing more about Monsanto, then be ready to hear about not just negativities about him but also that of his products as well. It is more encouraging that there are several legal rulings that are fighting for any victim that has suffered after using Monsanto’s products, for instance, a former gatekeeper named Dewayne Johnson who was paid $289 in damages due to the effects he suffered after using Monsanto products. Johnson received the amount after taking Monsanto to trial with claims that his products exposed him to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Regardless of the rising storm surrounding Monsanto and his products, the company still wields incredible power internationally which brings the need to read and know more about Monsanto as well as his lobbying strategies and efforts.

Knowing more about Monsanto starts with Monsanto’s “Green Sheen” and the lobbying machine while at the same time putting in mind that most global corporations such Monsanto do not play by the same rules as their smaller counterparts. The mega corporations draw on inexhaustible resources which helps them to buy political power in the end and it is the big support from numerous lobbying associations that Monsanto gets not just locally but also nationally and internationally that has helped him up to date. Anyone that knows more about Monsanto understands that his resources do not just stop there but they also employ a cadre of scientists that may be willing to twist the facts and statistics at hand to fit the company’s needs which allows him to cultivate a “green sheen.” Monsanto does all the above and much more just to try and prove the world and consumers wrong about their claims about how dangerous their products are to human lives and the ecosystem. Monsanto has also been known to even try and bribe the relevant personnel as well as to brainwash them especially in cases where his tricks fail. If you have an interest in knowing more about Monsanto then you have to note that the company is not just a perverse worldwide monopoly but also has a complex web of lobbyists.

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